December 26, 2007

The Path of Needles

(by me)

Much has been done, much has been said,
All the things binding me here soon will be dead.
I’ve burnt every bridge, worn out every welcome,
I know not what will be the outcome.
My path has been set, I must follow my course,
Though I wage battle against an unseen force.
Unseen yet greatly felt, this force grows fierce,
Pushed to my knees, my will has been pierced.
This road I’ve chosen is long and dreary,
And I feel discouraged because my feet are weary.
Why did I come here, what looms ahead?
What is the purpose of this path I tread?
My fear is consuming, my heart plagued with doubt,
That I’ve fallen in a pit I can never climb out.
What if I falter, what if I fall?
“Easy,” you whisper, “when you cannot walk you crawl.”
“Do not be afraid, for I am here,
You only need ask and I will draw near.
I will lift you off your knees and your strength revive,
And lead you toward the errand for which you strive.
Navigation won’t be easy, for your path is filled with pain,
But don’t worry: I have come before and know the terrain.
Get on your feet, I won’t leave your side,
Get ready, it will be a bumpy ride.”


Aurora said...

I can't express how much I love this poem...I really really LOVE it.It's wonderful because it's the type that can resonate within everyone some point in their life. It made me feel better about my slogging.

Wonder Duck said...

Wow, thank you so much. I would've replied to this sooner but I didn't know it was here! I'm really glad it struck a chord for you. I honestly feel that poetry would have no purpose if it didn't do that for people. :)