October 23, 2008

What Do You Seek?

(by me)

What do we seek to find
That we choose to cage ourselves
Within towering monsters
Of glass and beam, size and shape that
Splinter the sky
Like Babel?

Or when we traverse the air
Strapped between metal wings
Behind imitation beak
Nose pressed to measurements of barometric pressure
(The readings of our progress)
Where desire displaces instinct?

What do we seek to find?

When we lash sails to our backs
And harnesses to our skeletons
Clutch knotted twine between desperate fingers
Trail after a speeding water-bullet
(Oh, God, please…)
And pray for flight we know must end
In unforgiving water?

Or when we rein in gas and fire
To float leisurely at Wind’s mercy
And gaze up, out, down
Towards broken chains and broken law
And yell in the face of Newton
See? What goes up must not come down.

What do we seek?

Are we so enslaved by fear
Do our souls so cry
That we cannot stay aground
With limbs pressed to dirt
And eyes planted down?
The soil we till with expert hands
The rock we grind beneath our feet
They are master.

What do we seek but escape?

With grit between our teeth
Dust caked beneath fingernails
And earth infused in blood cells
We will return at its call.

For you are dust, and to dust you shall return.