January 20, 2012

This Might Have Been a Goodbye

by me

           I searched for you in the frozen fields. Your face seemed to peer from the distant trees, around the piles of snow dotting the land between. Echoes of your voice rustled tall, ice-slicked grass, exhalations of cold wind. You were there until I looked, and then you were not. Your absence became its own presence, ubiquitous as the cold. The numbness in my cheeks became your breath, the aching in my fingers your touch, pulling me forward. I pushed through snow as deep as my shins, searching — for an eyelash, a thread from your favorite scarf, a strand of hair caught in the grass. You were there until I looked, and then you were not. The presence of your absence all I could find. Before long, every crunch of snow became your bones under my boots, cracking into shards, scattering in the boundless white until I could not tell you from the snow melting into the earth.

1 comment:

Rajeev Singh said...

Beautiful - in a morbid way. Your facility with words is astounding. Do you write stories also? I'd like to read them.