November 25, 2018

November Night

by Adelaide Crapsey 

Listen. . 
With faint dry sound, 
Like steps of passing ghosts, 
The leaves, frost-crisp'd, break from the trees 
And fall.

November 12, 2018

What Make a Man

by Geffrey Davis

what kind of wound make a man
set his favorite rooster loose
             on a dying hen   what make the man

snap the neck of that twice-broken bird
before his child's eyes   what make him see

             the bad idea after the factwhat open him

like a storm   what make a man refuse
to ask forgiveness   what make him offer

             the sudden softness of his voice instead

what get the man loaded   what make him choose
to carry the small brightness of his child's body

              through the cold sleeping city   no

what make a man decide to drift the roads anyway
so his child stay warm in the front seat

              what make him park the car two blocks away

what arms filled and humming you are my sun-
shine each dark step of the way home