July 27, 2014

The Departure of Job

by Anna Kamienska

Get up Job
get up earlier than
a water-carrier with his clattering buckets
earlier than the nightwatchman going to bed
get up before merchants raise themselves
and spread the motley bustle of the day
get up when in silence we can hear in a stable
only the clatter of horses

Get up to be alone in the silence of His presence
Look about the earth
All still breathes with sleep
You are already old
but God loves Job
just as he is

It's good you got up so early
because people might say you went mad
Your chin trembles with joy
and you spread your arms wide like a lover
in order to embrace earth and sky

it was worth so much suffering
to know God's love in old age
you silly old codger
you laugh and cry
fall down in the grass
get up wet with dew

you suffered
so your heart could grow
and could contain everything

Lucky Job
I see you chatting with clouds
and with the light of dawn
I see you departing to embrace
the huge rising sun
with the shout Lord Lord

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