May 10, 2009

After a first book

by Audre Lorde

Paper is neither kind nor cruel
only white in its neutrality
and I have for reality now
the brown bar of my arm
moving in broken rhythms
across this dead place.

All the poems I have ever written
are historical reviews of a now absorbed country
a small judgement
hawking and coughing them up
I have ejected them not unlike children
now my throat is clear
perhaps I shall speak again.

All the poems I have ever written
make a small book
the shedding of my past in patched conceits
moulted like snake skin, a book of leavings
I can do anything I wish
I can love them or hate them
use them for comfort or warmth
tissues or decoration
dolls or Japanese baskets
blankets or spells;
I can use them for magic
lanterns or music
advice or small council
for napkins or past-times or
disposable diapers
I can make fire from them
or kindling
songs or paper chains

Or fold them all into a paper fan
with which to cool my husband’s dinner.

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Aurora said...

On a note that doesn't relate to poetry: I LOVE your layout, color scheme, banner. All of it. It's like mint tea for the eyes.