May 06, 2009

Rooming houses are old women

by Audre Lorde

Rooming houses are old women
rocking dark windows into their whens
waiting incomplete circles
rent office to stoop to
community bathrooms to gas rings
city issued with a twice-a-month check
the young men next door with their loud midnight parties
and fishy rings left in the bathtub
no longer arouse them
from midnight to mealtime no stops inbetween
light breaking to pass through jumbled up windows
and who was it who married the widow that Buzzie’s son messed with?

To Welfare and insult from the slow shuffle
from dayswork to shopping bags heavy with leftovers

Rooming houses
are old women waiting
through their darkening windows
the end or beginning of agony
old women seen through half –ajar doors
they are not waiting
but being
an entrance to somewhere
unknown and desired
and not new.

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